About Me



    I grew up in small town Pennsylvania. From an early age I loved all things medical. The body and how it functions fascinated me. This fascination led to a career in nursing. I loved my work and the rewards of seeing my patients getting well. The one thing that always stood out to me was that no matter how uncomfortable or afraid someone was, simple touch made it bearable and more times than not, simply go away. That human skin-to-skin contact was truly healing on a level western medicine text books never mentioned.  

    Fifteen years ago as I was going through a life change, I chose to pursue a holistic approach to healing and discovered massage therapy. It was a way to offer healing through touch, something that I already knew was extremely powerful. I absolutely love what I do.  I truly feel I've found my life's purpose. Every body speaks in a uniquely different way and has very bio-individual needs. It's my passion to discover what it is you need and what I can do to guide you in your journey of self-healing. I believe the first step in our relationship must be communication. I will always address your concerns and requests, and together we will work to accomplish your health goals,  That may be to repair an injury, prevent injury, or simply to allow your body to reach a relaxation state, so that it can heal the effects of stress and life all on its own.  Where discomfort is felt is rarely where it started. It's often a process of chasing the pain. This may prove challenging but also can be an opening to great self-discovery.

    Massage is the gateway to a deeper understanding of our mind, body and spirit connection. With the addition of the Wellness Coaching I offer, we can take it to another deeper level. I decided three years ago to pursue additional education in the field of coaching after finally coming to terms with my own 20-year eating disorder. The biggest struggle I had felt during that period was feeling alone with my disorder and confusion over wellness in general. We are bombarded 100 different ways every day with a new diet, or some 'guru' insisting that we can only achieve health through this particular diet and exercise plan . . . take this supplement, only eat this food, never eat carbs, sugar is the devil . . . Throughout it all you live every day obsessing over everything that goes into your mouth. It's all absolutely exhausting..mentally, physically, and emotionally. I didn't want to waste another moment of my precious life.  
    Through the The Institute of Integrative Nutrition I learned that food truly is medicine and there are more important primary nourishments -- our relationships, careers, spirituality and activity. When these are not explored and pursued, the other parts of our lives, including our nutrition, become unbalanced. We all innately know what we need to do to be healthy, and if we're unsure, the internet is full of information. We don't lack information on anything. What we need is someone who can help us navigate all of that, discover our own unique needs, and to hold us accountable to our goals. Someone who will help us to traverse the obstacles life puts in the way in pursuit of these goals. That is what a coach offers. I will be a facilitator, helping you discover your true health, but ultimately the work is truly your own. 

    I often hear "thank you so much" from my clients, but truly I am the one thankful every day for you. I gain just as much, if not more, from the privilege and honor of being part of your lives.