"Ms. Butler has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and professionalism. Rebekah has excellent assessment skills that she utilizes to provide very therapeutic massage therapy. The therapy we have received has always been the most effective, giving us immediate and long lasting relief. Ms. Butler has extraordinary talent whereby she stands out among others in her field of expertise." - Bill and Patty D.

"Over the last five years, I have been to many massage therapists around the country as I travel to conferences, and am pleased to say that Rebekah has been one of the best. I have recommended her to many and have had only high praises." - Marlin D.

"Her calm peaceful intuitive nature helped and continues to help her clients feel so at ease. I appreciate and am grateful for the sense of peace she passes on during the massage. Her sensitive nature is an asset in that she knows how to help people feel nurtured while delivering a very effective therapeutic massage." - Dr. Maria A. 

"My daughter has experienced massage therapy all up and down the west coast from Seattle to San Diego..One billed as "the best on the west coast." My daughter said of all of them you are "by far the best she has experienced." I am so thankful I don't have to travel far to have one of the best assisting in my journey toward healing. Forever grateful." -CR

"Thanks to her prior training and experience as a Licensed Nurse, Rebekah can apply her understanding of anatomy, physiology and patient care to a degree that many massage therapists do not posses. Integrating her clinical knowledge with a flawless massage technique and intuitive attention to specific conditions and sensibilities, Rebekah is uniquely qualified and committed to give high-quality, individualized care to each client. Rebekah does not base her work on a one-sized-fits-all "cookie cutter" approach. Instead, she tailors each session to the needs and desires of the client at that particular time. She gives her clients a consistently satisfying massage experience, made all the better by her generous spirit, caring heart and warm hands." -Timothy G. 

"Rebekah is an excellent massage therapist. She is intelligent, articulate, professional, reliable and has hands of gold." -Dr. Frank F.

"In the years I have known Rebekah, I have been impressed with her honest, conscientious, peace loving dedication to her art. To say that she is truly gifted as a massage therapist would be such an understatement and words certainly fail me to describe to you the wonderful person that she is. I feel her attributes demonstrate someone with an exceptional character and talent. I am certain she will be the miracle you needed to happen to restore and replenish your soul." - Paul-Jean P