New Covid-19 Guidelines

Please Read Carefully! 


I'm so happy to see you again!

In order to keep everyone safe I am implementing new guidelines, please read them carefully!


As many of you know, I have been using paperless charting for some time. This of course will not change. I will be asking EVERYONE, though, to fill out a new Health Intake Form and the New Guidelines Agreement Form BEFORE you arrive for your next appointment.  These will be sent out as your appointments are scheduled. They can be filled out electronically, which is the preferred method, if you're technically savvy using programs like Adobe. If that's not possible, then please print and bring filled out. I would rather spend your appointment time working on you, rather than you filling out the form. Also, everyone will need to fill out a Covid-19 Consent Form before EVERY appointment beginning 5/23/2020. We will do this together when you arrive for you to then sign. 


Since the threat of the coronavirus is still a concern, I will be practicing social distancing procedures where possible. The best way for us to operate will be as follows until further notice:

  1. Only the client receiving treatment will be allowed in the office or waiting room. There may be other clients who are there to see my colleague, please be mindful of social distancing if you pass in the lounge.

  2. Please keep your personal belongings to a minimum.

  3. Upon arrival, please remain in your vehicle and text me that you have arrived. When the treatment room is ready, I will either text you or come and get you from your vehicle. 

  4. At the door, I will provide a quick temperature check to ensure there is no elevated risk.

  5. Please either wash or sanitize your hands before getting on the table.

  6. After your service, if you could utilize any of the money transfer services in lieu of a credit card or cash payment, it would be much appreciated.


Please be aware that to accomplish these new quidelines, it will require MUCH additional time per client. This means I will not be able to see as many clients in a day/week. Also I know you all are as eager as I am to get you on the schedule, but this may not happen as quickly as you like. I sincerely appreciate your patience with me.

Please note my cancellation policy. As previous, if your appointment is not canceled within 24 hours you will be charged the full price of your service. However, if you are not feeling well or someone you are in contact with is unwell, I ask that you cancel. You will NOT be charged.


I have upgraded the office to be more efficient during these difficult times. Everything non-essential has been removed from the lobby and rooms.

To provide the most sanitary environment you will see the following changes:

1. New wipeable cover over heating pad.

2. A clean bath towel will be placed on the floor between the chair and table to step on before and after your service.

3. A clean blanket will be swapped out before every service.

4. A clean sheet will be placed over the chair before every service. 

5. Gloves will be worn for stripping linens.

6. I will be changing my shirt after every client.

7. Every surface will be disinfected between services. This includes: entire treatment table, all implements (including oil bottles), cupping devices, essential oil containers, linen cabinet, hot stone heater, towel cabby, cabinet next to chair, sink and faucet, door and door handle of both treatment room and lounge entry, and bathroom if used. 

8. As always, clean linens are used for every client.

Per state requirements to re-open, I will be wearing a face mask during your session. As of June 26, 2020, per state mandate, you will also need to wear a face mask into the building. We can then discuss your personal comfort of wearing a mask during your service. I will have extra masks on hand if you desire one. I will also be adhering of course to strict hand washing protocols.


Due to these changes, cleaning protocols, quadrupling nightly laundry, I will be raising my prices $10/service. This increase includes an increase that was planned before this all occurred.  I so appreciate your continued support and the love you all have sent me during the shutdown.