Holistic Wellness Coaching

"You can't see the picture, when you're in the frame." -Les Brown

     Information is everywhere, so why do you need a coach? A coach is someone that helps you see the whole picture. We all instinctively know what we need to do to be healthy and happy. It's the applying of it in our every day lives that gets tricky. A coach is going to motivate you and keep you accountable to the goals you set. A coach is going to help you peel back the layers of what's holding you back from the life you envision. 

          Wellness isn't just about what we put in our mouths, it's also about our relationships, our jobs, our spirituality, and our movement. How nourishing are these things to you? A coach will guide you to find balance in all areas of your life. A balanced nourishing life. 

                   So what does coaching look like? It is custom-fitted to you and your needs. It's a 6 month program where we will meet twice a month for an hour. During that time we will discuss your goals, problems and hurdles you may be battling, your fears and concerns.  Coaching may also include field trips to the store, a glance in your pantry, or even a cooking lesson. It may include journaling both to decide what foods work well with you, and also to delve into those inner recesses of your mind. It's having someone at your disposal to provide love and support through this part of your life's journey and beyond.

First consultation is free!